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I have two DVDs for sale:

  1. Open Hearth Cooking with Mercy Ingraham

This is a 34-minute video tape recording of a colonial open hearth cooking class that took place at Jerusalem Mills, Maryland.  We discuss herbs (3 minutes), the process of cooking ash cakes in cabbage leaves (6 minutes), how to roast chicken on a string (5 minutes), and how to make a cabbage pudding cooked in a pudding cloth (15 minutes).  Viewing this DVD will give you some idea of how to use a fire in open hearth cooking.  The students are wearing colonial attire, and we are cooking historic receipts/recipes.  The production is an amateur one, and the sound track is a little muddy due to the emergence of the 17-year cicadas, which you will hear buzzing in the background.   

  1. Partridges Prepared Two Ways

This is a 15-minute video tape recording that compares two of Hannah Glasse’s receipts/recipes for preparing Partridge.  (We substituted chicken for the partridge.)  We compare a recipe made in the English fashion, and one labeled “A French Way of Dressing Partridges”.  This was part of a paper presented to the ALHFAM Conference held in Baton Rouge, LA in June 2006.  We show the process of preparing and cooking both receipts over the open hearth. 

The DVDs are available for $10.00 each, plus shipping.  Please add $1.50 per DVD for first class mail in the United States.  Either a personal check or a money order is acceptable, and can be made out to:  Mercy Ingraham, and sent to 2 Water Street, Hulmeville, PA 19047.

3.  I also have GIFT CERTIFICATES available for open hearth cooking classes conducted in my home.  Please call me at: 215-757-4397 to discuss what you have in mind.  The cost of the class is usually $50 per person, and includes a 6-hour day of cooking instruction by the fire, a lunch and supper that you prepare and eat, and copies of all the recipes/receipts we made.