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Colonial Burlington Cookery

 In the year 1770, a young Quaker woman named Polly Burling wrote a small book of receipts, or what we now called recipes.  It predates the first published American cookbook by twenty-five years.  This book is invaluable for both academic historians and those individuals portraying life in Colonial America.   The original manuscript contained twenty-three recipes, including ones for baking, pickling & medicinal preparations. Polly’s hand-written receipts are presented here along with an historical backdrop of her life and times in colonial Burlington, New Jersey.  Thirteen of the baking receipts have been interpreted for the modern cook, however the historic cook will have no trouble making them as they were originally prepared. The primary goal of this project is to make these receipts accessible to a larger community.  Photos of the original receipts are included. 

The following is a list of the receipts/recipes that are contained in the book.  The ones marked with an asterisk have also been transcribed for the contemporary cook, and contain measured quantities and directions for assembly and baking in a 21st century kitchen.

To Make Stroughtons Bitters   

*Queen Cake                                      

*Naples Biscuit

*To make Rusk                                   

*Milk Biscuit

*To make Jumbals [#1]

*To make Shrewsbury Cakes

*To make Gingerbread Nuts

To make Jumbals [#2]

To Pickle Onions

To Pickle Quinces

To make Balm Drink

To make Calves Foot Jellys

*To make Rice cups

To Pickle Walnuts

*To make Cheesecakes [#1]

*To [Make]Yam or Pottatoe Pudding

To make Lemon Pudding

*To make Apple Pudding

*A ground Rice pudding

To make Cheese cakes[#2]

*To make Bread and Butter pudding

Huschams tincture of bark




 Eating is a timeless pleasure.  This book aspires to please the taste buds, as well as satisfy a hunger for a taste of history.